If your business does not already have an internet presence, then Zephyr Web Concepts will be able to help you develop the best web site design for your business, regardless of what business you do.

   Complete Web Package:


  • Up to ten documents or pages
  • Unlimited client provided graphics
  • Unlimited graphics from the Zephyr Web Concepts Graphics Library
  • Additional documents or pages available for $15.00 a page
  • Two special effects
  • Unlimited links
This package price is $200.00 US currency (or include conversion rate coverage). Businesses needing smaller sites may request smaller site fees.

One page personal web pages are free.
This includes:
  • Unlimited client-provided graphics
  • One special effect
  • Up to 30 links.
  • Additional pages are available for $8 each
Single graphics, intenet pages, or special effects are priced as per "extras" of these services; personal prices for personal websites and business prices for business sites.

Special effects are considered to be things such as clocks or anything special, such as the Flash animation at the top of this site. The price for effects is $10 for personal and business sites.
Zephyr Web Concepts is only just now coming into using Flash animation. This service will be unavailable until April, 2002.

Pictures of products (or anything else) may be taken, at a cost of $3.00 per picture for each picture less than 5. Additonal pictures are $1.50 each up to 50. After 50 pictures, the rate becomes $.25 for each picture.

Clients may purchase the disk(s) that the photographs are stored on and choose which type of media they would like their photographs stored on:

  • Floppy disks: $1.00 per floppy disk (1.44 meg) (15-49 pictures per disk).
  • LS-120 (120 meg) diskettes with pictures are $20. (appox. 1,245 - 4,067 pictures per disk)
  • CDROM's with pictures are $5. (approx 7,065-28,405 pictures per CD)
Enhancement of photographs (real or digital) can be requested.
A non-digital photograph can be scanned in, enhanced, and reprinted for $10 and $3 per additional copy.
Digital photographs can be enhanced for $1 per single photograph, or .75 per photograph more than 3.

Updates are priced as the half the single page price of your site type: business or personal. Business updates are $7.50 per page and personal are $4.
An update is considered a full page when either of the two following conditions are met:
  1. Greater than 50% of the content of a page is changed during an update.
  2. The layout of the page is changed in an update.
When either of these conditions are met, the fee becomes the full price:
$15 for business pages
$8 for personal pages

Zephyr Web Concepts can create many stunning graphics and add effects to already existing graphics.

Business Custom Graphics

  • $30 per static graphic
  • $50 per animated graphic
Personal Custom Graphics

  • $35 per non-animated graphic
  • $50 per animated graphic
Zephyr Web Concepts is able to work with any form of multimedia ranging from TV, VCR, sound, CD's, and DVD's. Zephyr Web Concepts can make pictures, desktop wallpapers, desktop themes, T-shirts, photo cd's and more... anything is possible... Contact Sales for more information, pricing, and availability.

Note: If Zephyr Web Concepts is unable to create a graphic to a client's specification, Zephyr Web Concepts will hire an outside graphics designer and the client will pay that graphics designer his fee - no middleman fee. This is unlikey because of the extensive graphics library that Zephyr Web Concepts owns and also due to the extensive amount of graphics available on the internet. Zephyr Web Concepts will not hire an outside designer without first consulting the appropriate client for which the work was requested.

All services have 50% downpayment requirement. Remainder is due upon completion. The full version (graphics, web pages, etc.) will only be received once payment in full is received. Until such time as payment is received, the client will only receive incomplete previews of the work in progress.
Contact Sales if you are not able to meet the downpayment requirement.

In the event that Zephyr Web Concepts is unable to create an effect or design for a web page, we will research how to create it, if possible. If we are still unable to create the necessary effects within a reasonable amount of time, we will consult with you about hiring an we will hire an outside programmer/designer. The client will be directly responsible for the fees incured by the third party designer.