FES is a Point Of Sale (POS) suite. For those not familiar with the term, think of a Point of Sale as the place where you might order a burger from a fast food restaurant: the cash register. It is the Point (or place) in the store where the Sale is made.

POS systems usually track customers and remove items sold from the store's inventory. A POS suite is capable of so much more.

FES is a POS suite because it integrates the ability to perform sales (and automatically remove sold inventory), print reciepts, print sales reports, track multiple vendors/dealers, track inventory, and more.

The entire development team holds certifications from Microsoft and/or Brainbench (see logos to the left), it was designed with the novice user in mind while still providing the intuitiveness, flexibility, and versatility that advanced users have come to expect from Microsoft products.

For a full description of what FES is capable of, view the Description section.